350mm Mount Adapter

350mm Mount Adapter


  • Designed separable, the TX07-T mount adapter is usable in various manners by connecting a commercially available filter or other companies' adapter.
    The reference dimension of each part is represented in terms of optical path length.
    Regardless of KOWA-made or other companies' adapter, combine them for use so that the total optical path length will be as close to the following reference dimension as possible. A picture is taken by disposing the camera's image sensor at the focal position illustrated in the following figure.
    A telescopic function is enabled by matching the focal position of an eyepiece with the illustrated focal position.
    For the focal position of the other companies' eyepiece and the optical path length of each adapter, inquire the respective manufacturers.


If the TX07 mount adapter is used, the focal length is 350mm, F4.

The reference length is 91mm from the KOWA mount to the focal position. (See the figure below.)

When combining the adapters for use, ensure that the total optical path length is 91mm or less from the KOWA mount. If longer than 91mm, a distant landscape cannot be focused on. From a viewpoint of optical performance, it is recommended to set the optical path length to 91mm.